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BBQ Meat Rub

This is a traditional rub recipe – time and patience is needed. If you don’t have time (or patience), the flavours of the rub will still work – massage rub into the meat, marinade for 6 hours then roast.

Basically all rubs consist of salt and sugar. The importance of both is that the salt draws the flavours of the other spices into the meat, and the sugar combined with the moisture from the meat – produces a sticky coating that helps the rub stick to the meat.

Tips: don’t over season or smoke the meat. Use the best quality meat that is available. Remember – this is slow cooking at its best for a mouth-watering result! We use pork shoulder for this recipe, but you can use any type of good quality meat such as beef short ribs, pork ribs or beef roast.


  • Pork shoulder (bone in)
  • English mustard – to rub over shoulder
  • 4 cups of cola or apple juice (nothing diet as the sugar from the drinks is the key)
  • BBQ Rub:
  • 1T cracked black pepper
  • 3T ground coriander
  • 1T garlic powder
  • 1T yellow mustard powder
  • 6T paprika
  • 3T dried pimento flakes
  • 2T mixed herbs
  • 1T ground celery
  • 2T coarse sea salt
  • 2T demerera sugar

If smoking the meat – suggested woods are Hickory, Apple and Maple

Approx Cooking Time – 12 – 14 hours (including preparation).


  • Soak the butt of pork in the cola or apple juice overnight for meat to absorb the flavours.
  • Mix all the rub ingredients together in one bowl.
  • Cover the meat in English mustard, then massage the rub well into the meat.
  • Wrap it in foil or cling, and let it sit for 4 hours.
  • If you have a marinade injector, you may wish to inject another 2 cups of cola or juice into the meat, or sit meat in another 2 cups of cola or juice for further 2 hours.
  • Take out of fridge for ½ hour before cooking.
  • Place your meat on the bbq for approx 12-14 hours, temperature should reach approx 120 in the BBQ, and your meat is ready once it’s core temperature reaches 90’C.
  • Take meat off BBQ, wrap it in foil and let it rest for an hour before pulling apart with a fork.
  • The meat is perfectly cooked when the bone slips out clean from the meat.


Serve with Carine Cuisine’s famous Slaw, BBQ sauce and a bun.