Dukkah Lamb with Roasted Garlic Aioli

Ok! So this is a simple yet amazing dish.  It’s perfect for any dinner party as finger food, or for  week night dinner.


Frenched lamb cutlets, or lamb back strap from Torre & Mordini.  2 cutlets per person, or 1 lamb back strap per person.

Your choice of dukkah from Carine Cuisine

In-house made roasted garlic aioli from Carine Cuisine

Pomegranate seeds

Herbs – mint and Italian parsley

Carine Cuisine’s olive oil


Toss the lamb with the dukkah to coat lightly.  Add salt and a dash of black pepper.

Heat the BBQ or pan.

Add a splash of olive oil.

Grill the lamb – 3-4 mins each side will give a med-well done finish.  Rest the lamb for 2 mins.

Place our grass fed lamb on a serving dish.

Dollop the aioli over the lamb, and garnish the whole dish with pomegranate seeds and fresh mint and parsley.

Serve with warmed pita bread or cous cous.